Week 6


“Ey yo the government is lies, son
United States of Google, Verizon
They all spies son”


In the age of monoculture, all aspects of life can be commodified. The domination of ‘the spectacle’ over civilization is complete. ‘The spectacle’ has waged a permanent opium war on the working people that has succeeded in the total colonization of our society by the commodity. The great fetish.

In Volume 1 of his seminal Magnum Opus, ‘Das Kapital’, Karl Marx describes a commodity, in the capitalist mode of production, as “something outside ourselves”. Therefore in what Dr. Langer described as “late capitalism” everything and anything can be bought and sold.

We now live in a culture where our interactions are increasingly becoming more abstract and digital. Everyone is a digital aggregator. We act as our own sommelier, guiding ourselves down the path towards the confines of inebriation. When we reach for our phones we are scrambling for enlightenment through a constant seeking of pleasures. We want individualized and tailored stimulation and we want it now.

Today’s generation has grown up juggling a variety of social media profiles. In a sense we all have experience as brand managers, managing our online presence. Perhaps the true allure of social media is not viewing posts by other entities or persons, or even engaging with them, but rather the act of posting. Users are enthralled by creating an online persona.

Could it be the real Second Life video game is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever happens to be the social media platform du jour? Community managers do not want only an online audience, they want online engagement. The interaction is the dialectical relation, it is the stimulation, the service, the commodity. The digital revolution gave the means of artistic production to the mobs. With the advent of the ‘sharing ‘ or ‘gig’ economy, precarious work is the new norm. But, in here in Toronto what to we manufacture? Service and servitude. We are flooded with content creators. Skeets from Barrie are renting out the basements and working as bar backs, but carrying around ‘ACTRA’ cards in the wallets and Headshots in their portfolios. We have created an unprecedented reserve army of labour who owe billions to the banks.

Buy sell supply demand bull bear produce consume

“You can really sell anything”

-Das Racist


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