Week 4

“What is the long term effect of too much information? … What is it doing to us?”

-Denzel Washington

Today we live in the world of 24 hour a day constant news. Millionaire Ted Turner courageously created  the ‘Cable News Network’. Despite all the disadvantages facing him as a straight white man who inherited a billboard empire, he managed to persevere and became a  billionaire media baron. CNN is a churning machine. It is a great tool for creating lighting rod topics that artificially superimpose themselves to the foreground of the media landscape in English Speaking North America. It is not just the content that CNN produces non-stop on a plethora of platforms that distracts, it is all the time spent on reactions and the attention given to those reactions. CNN is a tool for the capitalists by the capitalists, to create a whirlpool of disinformation. When caught in a whirlpool, one must wait for the right opportunity when the currents give, struggling beforehand will only excrete energy and increase cardio-vascular output, increasing the likelihood you drown. Just look at the CNN news desk today, often you will see it maned by the Great-Great-Great Grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt.

The way the largest media providers are set up today, you are flooded with stories,  and which stories you see is often dictated by algorithms with various inputs regarding ones preferences. Look at google and facebook, the news you get and the information you see is extremely censored. Censorship not in the sense that the particular content in an article has been nefariously edited, but rather the profit seeking corporations can choose, to an extent, the very articles you see.

Today you have a problem, the pr solution, the corporate communications solution, is not about attempting to rehabilitate the image or brand. Today you want the discussion gone, focus aimed on a newer, perhaps shinier, albeit not always relevant, controversy. GTY_anderson_cooper_vanderbilt_kab_140331_16x9_992.jpg


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